About Us

Mira and Stephen have been running Sunshine Pottery Studio since 2010 and have created pottery for over 35 years. Their passion is living up in the mountains and creating a beautiful mecca while creating pottery in the Mountains of Boulder.

Mira Hatland Owner/Creator/Visionary

Mira Hatland "All my life I have worked with children, women  and art. From day-cares with small children to assertiveness training for young adults and grown women, I have always been inspired by others".

Mira has worked with women, children and teenagers since 1979. She has had extensive training and experience in teaching art, communication skills, and organization.

"Pottery has been my passion since I was young. From throwing on the wheel to hand sculpting. Put them together and we have pure delight and fun!"

Stephen Hatland Co-Owner/ Guest Teacher

Stephen Hatland "My passion has been pottery all my life. Creating some thing into nothing is miraculous. I love teaching how to throw on the wheel. I love sharing my life work with young people."

Stephen has sold his Raku work in stores such as Nieman Marcus and high end galleries in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He is a Master Potter and an amazing teacher.

Together they show their wheel thrown and hand sculpted ceramic pieces in shows including the Lincoln Center Show in New York City, Ann Arbor Show in Ann Arbor Michigan and Uptown Art fair in Minneapolis.