Adult Classes

Women's Classes

"If you need some time away from the pressures of life, just for you time, come join us in the is creative space."

Women's Beginning Wheel Throwing and Hand Building
(New Format/ 5 hr Classes)
"These classes are for you! 
Give yourself the gift of creativity. "

-Lots of time to be creative 💗💗💗💗
-Lots of time to get to know each other
-To finish a great project
-To have lunch together
-To get inspired and relax

"This fall and winter, I decided to do something different. I decided to take Mira's pottery class, instead of going to my therapist. I wanted to ward off the winter time blues in a whole new way. And guess what? This is the happiest I have felt in a year."
- Marian Kramer (Happy Grandmother)              

                                                                             Dates and Cost:
   All day classes are $75 each

 -Right now, Winter Classes are happening only for Women on Saturdays. 

-We will be moving and giving classes for all genders, and we would love to have you on our mailing list! 

If you would like to follow us to our new place. 
Please email us and let us know what your email is.

Minimum classes are 4 students. Max are 8 
We would love to hear from you 
if you are thinking about joining us. 

10A.M.-3 P.M.
Bring a lunch to share! 
Please email or call if you would like to join us! 


​            I teach beginning wheel throwing and hand building. ​There is no level of skill to join.
                            You must have good snow tires to attend our winter classes.

If you want to book a class. 
Call 303-517-5436
or email me

 Thank  you.