Teen Empowerment

Dear Parents, 
          Thank you for allowing me to work with clay with your children all of these wonderful years. I am so grateful. 
         Because I worked so closely with so many of your children, I saw that there is a need to work with teen girls more intimately in a group setting, rather than during my camps working with clay.  
         I have put together a course, where I will teach your girls skills to help them look inside themselves for their OWN compass and navigate their many complicated life choices.
        This is not a clay course.
 I have had many, many years working with younger and older women in the areas of self empowerment and awareness. See my bio below.These are some of the details. I hope your daughters will join me. 

                                                "My Teen Life"
              "Skills to check in with One Self and Navigate Lifeđź’–" 

Are you worried that your daughter is too anxious?
Is there too much pressure around her and does not know how to relax? 

Does she know how to find her voice and be assertive? 
Does she know how to resource her own love and appreciation for herself? 

If any of this is true for you and your daughter, 
this is a course for her. 

    - I will help your daughter to tap into her own power, find her voice and feel stronger in herself. 
I seek to promote empowerment, healing and authenticity 
with each teen I work with. 

Times and Dates
To be determined

 Please call or email me if you are interested in this course. 
I look forward to working with your daughters. 
Mira 303-517-5436

This is my resume: 

-Crisis Volunteer Hot line; Hospital Advocate/S.B Ca. 

-Teen Assertiveness Trainer / Ojai Foundation/CA. 
-Residential Teen Home/Support Advocate/ Mason City IA.
-Child Assault Prevention Program/ Providence R.I. 
-"Model Mugging" Self Defense Instructor/ Boston MA.
-Meditation teacher/ Boulder Co.
-Adoption Birth Mother Coach/ Fort Collins Co.
-Somatic body worker (in training)/ Boulder Co.
-Teen Leadership Programs/H.S. Volunteer/ Broomfield Co.
-And most importantly of all...Mother of Kaia/ Boulder Co.
-Regis College Bachelors/ Communication