Teen Empowerment

           Dear parents, thank you for allowing me to be with your children all of these wonderful summers. 
           I am currently working on a girls teen seminar to look at many aspects of their life. 
                                     It is called "My Life". 

          We will hold conversations, work with the body in a therapeutic modality, and teach skills to navigate each area in a teenager's life.  

I will promote empowerment, healing and authenticity in each individual I work with. 

They are definitely processing all of these areas in this time in their life and we will cover this specific areas. 
                            -Checking in with "One's Self"  (peer pressure)
                            -Dealing with Parents/Home  (resourcing)
                            -Sexuality (boundaries)
                            -Body relationship (mind vs reality)
                            -Meditation (super ego vs. Self)
                            -Future and Past (worry)

I have worked with women of all ages in many aspects, for many years and now I am ready to begin something new. 

I have so many empowering, fun filled and wonderful exercises to help your teen girl. They will acquire a full tool box for each of them to take into her difficult and wonderful years ahead. 

I look forward to working with each and every one of them. 

Please call or email me if you are interested in more. 
Mira 303-517-5436

This is my past resume: 

-Crisis Volunteer Hot line & Hospital Advocate/S.B Ca. 
-Teen Assertiveness Trainer / Ojai CA. 
-Residential Teen Home/Support Advocate/ Mason City IA.
-Child Assault Prevention Program/ Providence R.I. 
-"Model Mugging" Self Defense Instructor/ Boston MA.
-Meditation teacher/ Boulder Co.
-Adoption Birth Mother Coach/ Fort Collins Co.
-Somatic body worker (in training)/ Boulder Co.
-Teen Leadership Programs/H.S. Volunteer/ Broomfield Co.
-And most importantly of all...Mother of Kaia/ Boulder Co.